Discovering Open-Source Projects for Release 3.0

I have spent the last 3 days searching for projects with bugs I could potentially assist with. While doing this, I encountered a number of issues:

  • For larger projects, I noticed contributors created enhancement requests without consulting each other resulting in the issue raised being associated with out of date version of the planned design.
  • When issues are raised, they were often untriaged for long periods of time, sometimes for years, so when I tried to contribute, I learned the issues were no longer valid.
  • A very high percentage of “Open” issues were in fact closed upon closer investigation giving the false impression there were far more unresolved issues than was actually the case.

Potential Projects

Nevertheless, I was able to find two candidates projects for my 3.0 Release:

Potential issues I would like to work on include:

Issue #1

Issue #2

These candidate projects interested me because they appeared to provide good opportunities to improve my existing JavaScript and Python coding skills, or to become more familiar with the React JavaScript library used for building user interfaces.

I also very much want to contribute to the Mozilla project as I have been an independent Open-Source QA manual tester for Mozilla Firefox projects for around 3 years.

Image: ‘I wish it were 1999
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